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The International TEAM Society is organization fostering the networking and providing the activities in knowledge triangle: research-innovation-education, implemented by scientists and experts with wide range of interests.

The founders of International TEAM Society are: University of Applied Sciences of Slavonski Brod (Croatia), Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek - Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod (Croatia) and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Automation from Kecskemet College (Hungary).

TEAM objectives are: transfer of knowledge and dissemination of achievements, mobility of teachers and international cooperation, interdisciplinary approach, development of partnership between academic institution and industry.

International TEAM Society encourages the importance of team working and cooperation between European universities. International TEAM Society gathers the scientists and experts offering the discussion about the achievements in the fields of Technics, Education, Agriculture and Management (TEAM).

TEAM mission observes the Conference in a long term perspective. The founders of International TEAM Society agreed upon the annual cycle of Conference events which will be each time held in different host country.

International TEAM Society supports young scientists and experts with the potential to make a breakthrough in different scientific fields. As a good praxis on TEAM Conference, the best innovative contribution and oral or poster presentation of a PhD student will be awarded before the closing ceremony, as a motivation to maintain presented efforts dedicated to scientific progress.

This conference brings a great opportunity to transfer research and scientific discoveries to praxis and also possibility of praxis to confront science with practical applications of new discoveries.

We are offering following benefits:

Payment Benefit
<500 €
  • Individual agreement
500 €
  • Poster presentation;
  • Dissemination of promotional materials of partner within the attendees registration;
  • Listed in conference proceedings.
1000 €
  • Exposure of partners at the entrance hall of the conference;
  • Exposure of partners on conference web page together with the link to their web page;
  • Photo documentation with identification of the partner;
  • Elaboration of  conference report;
  • Listed in conference proceedings.
2000 €
  • Exposure of partners at the main conference hall;
  • Exposure of partners in the conference proceedings;
  • Logotip published on conference web page.
3000 €
  • Space for company promotion at the faculty;
  • Welcome by the highest representatives of the conference at Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod;
  • Exposure of partners in media (print, television,...);
  • Exposure of partners in annual report of Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod 2012;
  • Logotip published on conference web page.
  • Listed in conference proceedings.
  • Individual requirements.

Please provide different requirements/proposal in case you have some.